User manual: road safety and speed trap app

Second Pilot helps drivers to be informed about speed cams, road holes and other events (ambushes), which need attention of a driver.

1. A few words about the principles of application operation.

The service database is updated every second through the use of crowdsourcing. This means that each user of the Second Pilot can put a POI on a dangerous stretch of road. Then the application will warn about it those nearing the specified coordinates.

Currently there are 12 types of POIs:

  • Speedcam
  • Red light camera (only in iOS version)
  • Double speed camera (SPECS) (only in iOS version)
  • Bus lane camera (only in iOS version)
  • Police
  • Stationary police post
  • Pothole
  • Road accident
  • Construction zone
  • Speed bump
  • Danger!
  • Dangerous road-crossings

For correct operation Second Pilot needs GPS.

The application menu is available by clicking on the top left corner of the main screen.

Section "About Second Pilot" / "Information" contains information about how the application works: types and relevance of POIs, position, background, etc.

"Update" / "Refresh" button is used to load the database static POIs (use of the service in Offline mode). Thus you will be able to receive alerts without connecting to the Internet. This information is periodically changed, don't forget to update it!

2. After you've Installed the application, take a few minutes of initial setup.

Second Pilot operation modes.

Highway or a City-mode is chosen depending on the character of forthcoming route. You can set alerts for each profile manually, by entering the distance to the POI, which will have to be alert.

If you selected the automatic mode, the distance will be calculated by the application, depending on the speed of your movement.

"Permitted speed" allows you to specify a threshold speed: warning ambush will sound only if you exceed the specified limit.

Interface and Sound.

Second Pilot supports two variants of design of the screen Day and Night. Select the suitable color theme.

Direct - current ambush will appear at the top, and those who have already passed the bottom.

Measurement units (km/h or miles/h) will allow you to feel confident when travelling in any country of the world.

Background mode.

For convenient use with other navigational apps, Second Pilot supports running in background mode, warns of the approach of "ambushes" with sound signals and voice (or vibration).

To completely exit the app, you should use the "Exit button". Please do not forget about it, to avoid fast battery discharge.

A warning about an ambush.

The last point settings - select the type of ambushes, about which you want to warn the user. You can exclude from the list of those that are necessary or specify the conditions for the alert (without any sound or in excess of the speed).

Happy journey!